“A tender word,

Ignited life back into her,



What a Good Book could do to you

Writers are more of a teacher. They pen down their experiences in the name of thoughts and imaginations. Sharing their lessons to teach others, they do not intend to warn the readers rather they want them to know that someday, at some point in their life, they too will face the same situation, and worry not; they just gave you the solution.  Yes! The book; Read, read again, until you absorb the lesson learnt by the writer and preached by the author in the book.

Many a times when a person is traumatized reading a good book might help the individual drift apart from the disturbing feeling.

“A best friend is someone who can quick fix you, sway you away from your problems without you even realizing that you are flying, yet again.”

A good book does exactly the same. So much so that all the while reading the book, you not just relate to the characters but you also manage to escape, ‘that’s so me’, not once, twice, but god knows how many to count. True that?

Whenever you wanted to divert your mind, or get over something, there was always this friend who stood their silent, another who advised you, the third one who made you laugh, and one more to remind you that life and problems go hand in hand. But ever wondered if you could get a company of just one being who defines and excels all the above friends? ‘A Good Book’.

A good book will help you sink deep into your thoughts and think the most unusual and irrelevant things at the freakiest ticking time! It will teach you lessons that you and only you can understand, reason being the writer and you have been there, done that, felt that, cried over, but the writer rose and you are still sobbing. A good book will make you laugh for you might miss the good old days where your eyes reflected love, your tummy gave you butterflies, and all you saw around yourself was all the things but love and happiness!

A good book will accomplish its motive of making you a better person sometimes in silence too. It is not mandatory for the author to flaunt the words that only a dictionary can understand, or feelings that are felt when re-read. Sometimes simple words do wonders. Try saying ‘I Love you’ in as many dictions and variants you can, but the thrill and pleasure it gives to the receiver is the best when said ‘I Love you’. So sometimes use simple words and let your emotions flow.

“Life is too hard, the way you deal with it can either make it simpler or complicated; choose wisely”

The kind of book you chose to read says lot many things about yourself. And no, the genre has nothing to do with this, because sometimes even a thriller genre is a mixture of love-hate emotions. An avid thriller reader is not a criminal or a horror story admirer is not a ghost lover, nor is a romance lover really a lover in his life!

The kind of book you chose to read defines your ability to understand emotions, people, and your power of imagination, how you perceive things. And reading does not make you a nerd, trust me it doesn’t. Mugging up surely does, but reading books to seek pleasure and intelligence will only make you witty and smart.

If you are able to sink in the pool of emotions, if you are able to see from the eye of a bird, if you can feel the height, and the depth, and the storm, and everything but emotions; it means you are accompanied by a Good Book.

Read more books, make pleasant friends (the authors), learn better lessons, implement them and make your own morals, preach others, but only upon being asked to do so.

“Whoever said life is too short was wrong. It is long, as long as you can imagine and there is no bound to ones imaginations.”

The day you learn the language of a book, you could speak the most meaningful things to the world, with the capability to absorb the gratitude and patiently hear the criticisms that the world might ponder over you.

Now, did your school teacher ever advice you to shake hands with another teacher? Not to forget who in all aspects outscores your school teacher!

“A book mutely fills you with thoughts followed by emotions, feelings, expressions and finally humanity.”

– Team PepperScript