Does India really need vocational training?

A press release from a German consulate said a comic book which is a collaborative effort between artists from India, France and Germany has been released on 28th January 2015. It showcases the importance of vocational training in India has been stressed via a new medium – a comic book which is a collaborative effort between artists from India, France and Germany.

The recently unveiled comic magazine “Priya and Ashok in Europe” is a unique form of storytelling using cartoons and graphic art form. The magazine is the outcome of a workshop where student artists and renowned cartoonists and graphic artists Sarnath Banerjee and Charbak Dipta from India, Joerg Reuter from Germany and Oliver Tallec from France participated.

Vocational training is the main theme of the comic, a field where Germany and India are natural partners as emphasized.


A tribute to India’s greatest storyteller!

Cartoonist R. K. Laxman, who died on 26th January 2015, was an institution unto himself. We wont be wrong if we call him a man whom no politician or minister could escape considering his pointed satire. The media is tagging him with various names like ‘Uncommon Man’ and ‘Uncrowned Conscious Keeper’.

In his autobiography ‘The Tunnel of Time’, he says, “Since childhood I do not remember wanting to do anything else except draw.” His cartoons mirrored the hopes and aspirations, follies and foibles of a society in transition.

He was born Rasipuram Krishnaswamy Laxman on October 24, 1921 in Mysore. The youngest of six brothers, Laxman had as his older brother, the legendary R.K. Narayan, the creator of Malgudi.

A look at compilation of some of R K Laxman’s Best Cartoons: