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Throughout the world women are deprived of their social and economic rights. When women stood besides one another to seek make a self-identity, women across the globe started a revolution and the critics termed it as ‘Feminism’. And twentieth century has witnessed a growing awareness among women regarding their desires, sexuality, self-definition, existence and destiny. Feminism does not particularly talk of equality and rights of women but it is more about compassion, respect and understanding from the male counterparts.

Beginning from the first inception of the Universe, there is a fascinating myth associated with the creation of woman by the Supreme Creator, Lord Brahma. He had introduced woman to his earlier creation man stating, “She will serve you lifelong and if you cannot live with her, neither can you live without her”. With time Literature had gained pace and began to carve a new way of introducing feminism in Indian literature. Massive work of feminism is also accomplished through Indian literature, leaving aside the activists and crusaders of the political and social scenario.

In post-Independence India, the New Woman also had begun to emerge. It was then that the feminist trend in Indian literature had appeared on the horizon. It is rather ironical that in India, the premier people who had come forward to claim women`s rights were not women but men. Feminist writers in India today proudly uphold their causes of ‘womanhood’, through their write-ups.

With every kind of Indian literature, there have existed such umpteen kinds of the evolution of womanhood, which have also at times taken the shape of feminism, mostly profound in Indian literature in various Indian as well as English languages. The habit of defining woman as an essence whose nature is determined biologically and whose sole identity is to produce human species, needs to change. And literature is doing its best to discourage the conventional image of women constructed by the orthodox society.

Literature therefore has always been an effective vehicle of fundamental changes. To a large extent, the popularity of feminist ethics in India has also been generated by the ‘new’ image of women presented by literary writers in their works. Writers not only embrace in themselves the social, cultural or mythical backgrounds of their native land, but also expose the fragments of alienation present in different segments of human life and its predicament.

Considering PepperScript is a publishing house, we as a team are making it a point, a strong point, that women issues be highlighted and reached to as many responsible individuals as possible. If you think you have a story that could motivate a woman to break the egg shell she’s been living within forever and seek out a self-identity; then we suggest you get your story published!

Get to know Ruby in detail!

Get to know Ruby in detail!

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