Revelation #04 PepperScript’s Anthology Unmasked

Sreelatha believes that she has stories which could be unmasked by PepperScript ! To get to know her better, read the details.



Anthology Unmasked Author Revelation #01

PepperScript reveals its first to-be published Author, Manisha Mahalingam for Anthology Unmasked. Read below to know more about her. She pens her thoughts on

Revelation #01 ‪PepperScript‬'s Anthology ‪Unmasked‬ She wants to ‪publish‬ a ‪novel‬, the ‪‎story‬ of which will be remembered for ‪‎generations.

Revelation #01 ‪PepperScript‬’s Anthology ‪Unmasked‬ She wants to ‪publish‬ a ‪novel‬, the ‪‎story‬ of which will be remembered for ‪‎generations.

Let Erotica Literature come out of the dark cloud!

Any adult denying to having watched porn or watches often, is probably a liar! It is more like women denying from reading books of steamy intent. There aren’t many places where people can explore their sexuality in a non-judgemental manner and the Indian Government’s recent call to ban adult content on the internet has simply shut the door straight on the face of men! But there is still one place where you can find your bedside pleasure without being judged. At times few scenes might have left you cold, but a written verse has never failed a women from fueling her imagination. And just may be women have gained competition-cum-companion in reading ‘Erotica’.

Reasons why reading Erotica is better than steamy visuals:

  1. It will help you de-stress and escape from reality. If you are curious about things you have never tried, reading about it in a book and imagining it for yourself can be highly educational and powerful.

  2. You will get sufficient space to be actively involved in the character’s life and their relationship than any film can offer.

  3. Erotic novels help you regain sensuality and you will re-discover love making with your long lost partner.

  4. Erotic literature can be taken with you wherever you go.You dont need the glow of your laptop in the darkroom anymore. Just keep that Kindle in your bag and fantasize about the characters while you are travelling or on a work break!

  5. You cannot force somebody to watch things they dislike or aren’t in the mood of, but you can sure as hell read out few sensually written verses to your partner and use them to reenact for a little role playing.

Hoping that the government won’t ban Erotica Literature anytime soon, it’s time to read the red marked content online or offline.