To Autumn, with love

Autumn, often said to be the season of dried leaves is the time when leaves show their true colors and it ain’t just green; It’s an amalgam of colors. Yellow, red, orange; The kind of colours which when fallen on the ground, makes it look so colorful! It reminds you that beauty isn’t just in the sky, it lies here, on the ground too. But above all, beauty lies in your heart.  You may also see some crimson, golden coloured leaves flying with the gush of wind. Ever wondered what ghosts are they running from?
If winters are lazy, autumn is melancholy. The kind of sadness you write poetry about. No wonder, autumn is also the season of poetry, filling your pages with the pain inside your heart! The trees let go of the clinging leaves just so to tell you, that getting rid of the old makes a way for new things in life. If the trees aren’t enough inspiration for you, the autumn rain will surely do the trick. It has the magic to make you gently grieve and wash away your sorrow till they no longer exist and you are born anew!
Autumn is a time when you realize that everything is changing. The dried up flower petals shall flourish again and so will you. If you are sad today, you will be happy tomorrow. This belief is what keeps us and our life moving. It is this belief that constantly helps us grow. Nature has so much to teach us.  All you have to do is become a student- for life!
There is one more special thing about Autumn. It is the season in which PepperScript’s very first novel ” The November Note” is set. It is the perfect book to read this season.
Check out it’s blurb to know more!


In a known place, techie and funny, they were being played with, tossed during the days, huddled during the nights, stomach full of complaints, and souls earnestly desiring to make the imperfect alright. Two boys, minds so unlike, but there is something that ties. Midhansh and Sidhesh are busy crossing the labyrinth of engineering, young doers, believers of fate, or maybe not, dependent on luck and crazy lover boys. Their past comes back to them in the most unforeseen ways, with intentions so unsought. What different will November offer? Are mere notes made up of meaningless facts or is some sort of philosophy supposed to decide how one has to feel? Is there a better explanation to revenge? “The November Note” is a tale about friendship, emotions, and true love. 
Happy Reading! 🙂