Pleasure Reading

I am sure we have all read a romance novel at least once in our life..but what happens when you decide to have a romance with a novel instead? Read below to find out!

Opening a new book with a soft sigh, letting your finger tips wander on the page as if caressing the letters underneath. Some words leave an imprint on your fingers but you just don’t care. Today, you are the book’s owner and own you do! You grab it’s cover with both hands, making sure you don’t press too hard. It’s a novel experience and you are being careful yet you can’t wait to unravel what’s underneath.

Finally, you read the first word and obviously, you can’t stop there now, can you?  So, you read the first sentence and suddenly you find your heart racing. It’s the perfect beginning and you have so much left to explore. You read the first paragraph and it seems as if it is reading your mind.

Your breath in now connected with each page. Some pages make you moan, some make you whisper  and some make you hum. But, you just can’t stop. Please don’t stop.

Each new chapter is a new part waiting to be unleashed. The coming chapters seem to be calling you to “eye” them. Waiting for you to comprehend and understand their hidden meanings. You ask for patience. You assure  it that it was published to be devoured by you and you alone. Hence,you want to take your time.  Even try different positions. Sometimes, you wish to lie with it completely. Sometimes, you just want to sit and stare at it. You wonder, how can something so brown and with so many lines, be so beautiful.

Oh, how can you forget about the way it smells. It has the fragrance of a virgin as if waiting for you to mingle it with your own. You are bewitched.

You find yourself right in the middle. Anything can happen now. You have a choice. Either to move forward or wait another day. It can make or break your relationship. So think very carefully. ” Should I? Or Should I not?” You decide to leave it to the circumstances.

You are finally reaching the end. You are so excited that you end up rubbing the soft tips of the pages again and again, even licking the tips of the pages with your fingers. You are just feeling so many emotions when suddenly a rapture engulfs you and just like that- it’s over. The book is over.

You don’t want to part with it yet, so you decide to go over the good parts again, wanting to experience those same emotions again but alas, their intensity has somewhat diminished.  No matter! You decide to read it again tomorrow. Try a different location this time. The bed just no longer works for you. So, you decide for the chair or maybe the balcony or if you are thinking adventurous then maybe even at a boring friends place.

Always behind closed doors of-course and with this one, always alone. Who knows about the future though. You could stumble upon something even better the next time you decide to go looking. Even share it with someone. Your best friend may even let you borrow their own favorite. That’s for time to tell. Until then,

you are in love.



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Is your Protagonist a hero of your story?

About the Project

PepperScript Publishing with Perspective lets all you budding authors to go crazy with your imagination and stand the chance to be published in an anthology!

Here’s how:

1. Write a story of any genre centered on Ruby – a 25 year old woman who’s beautiful and a bit of a mystery.

2. Submit your story by participating in the project and make sure you maintain a word limit of 2500 words.

3. Selected applicants will receive a mail from us stating that you’ve been shortlisted to get published in our Anthology. Then, pay the submission fee of Rs. 2,000 and allow us to fine-tune your story a little.

4. Lastly, you wait for your complimentary copy of Anthology Unmasked and spread a word among your friends and family!

Ruby’s Character Sketch: Ruby, protagonist of the story, is a 25 years old woman with a fair and clear complexion, honey colored eyes, brown wavy locks and a clearly defined jaw line. She is a confident and composed woman and loves exploring every facet of life.

Why this concept for Unmasked?

It’s not just about Women

It’s about you.

In an age where people survive only upon sms language, we intend to empower people with the art to express and how, through submitting their short stories for our Anthology ‘Unmasked’ which will have a common protagonist named Ruby. Reason why we chose Ruby, a 25 year old woman as our central character is to learn and understand the way women is being perceived in our society. Has the stereotypical behavior towards women changed over the years or is the society ice cold to the rising women issues.

11 (2)

So it’s not just about women, it’s about you. We believe this Anthology differs from the ones been published over the years. Why you may ask? There’s a lot of thought process behind this project. We don’t simply want to publish selected stories written by authors but we want to highlight the ‘change’ an expression through writing can bring. One anthology – a common character – variety of genre’s – one social cause – various measures – difference of opinions and expressions; these factors build the core base of our Anthology Unmasked.

If you want to keep your short story private till the time its published and out in the market then you can mail us at

women's day1

Examples of how you can use one character for different genre’s:


11 (1)

Book of the Week

A Different Bed Every Time, by Jac Jemc


A thief steals the air from a room. Children invent a nursery rhyme to make sense of their fate. A band of girls rot from the outside in. These characters stumble through joy and murder and confusion, only to survive and wait for the next catastrophe to arrive. Moments so brief and disturbing you can’t afford to look away. Jac Jemc’s affecting stories mine the territory between what is real and the stories we tell to create understanding.

Brown Pages: Book of the Day!



Thrilling Tales: A Selection of Hair raising adventures – Edited by Ruskin Bond

The test of a good story, Ruskin Bond says, is when a writer is able to teach a your reader’s attention from page one, perfectly paragraph one, and hold it to the end. Each one of the stories that he has included in this collection pass this test, and with flying colours. Spine-tingling unputdownable tales, this collection takes you from a woman’s struggle against the elements in the cold, snow-swept Prairies, to the thick of a jungle where a man bored with hunting animals decides, instead to hunt a fellow human. Filled with conflict, suspense and adventure, Thrilling Tales: A Selection of Hair-Raising Adventures is a page-turner from beginning to end.

Market Price Rs. 195
@ Brown Pages- Rs. 99

To place your order:

Email: or inbox us on Facebook @

Writer vs Author

Time is ticking and so the perceptions are changing. Not many believe that ‘silence is more powerful’. “Sometimes Silence speaks things that you don’t intend to, so better speak for yourself and say things which you really mean without being mean.”

There are millions ways to add a spark to your thoughts and imaginations. Literature always nailed the interest for poems, haiku’s, fictions and non fictions. Where do you think all these authors draw their inspiration from? The literature is a world heritage which is retained and sustained on and off. Talking about how to express yourself, not many will impassively listen to you while you talk. But the same people might just take little efforts to read what you wanted to say, while they are sipping a cup of coffee. ‘Action speaks louder than words’; here the action is your penning down of thoughts and words are simply the talking that you do. See the difference between writing and blabbering?

If I like something that I read I can read it over and over again. But if I love what someone just told me, I can’t ask them to repeat, right? When a person is full of emotions, you can connect with the world because you know exactly how to strike that emotional chord. Writing has always been a great medium of communication. Be it television, prints, cinemas, or even for that matter SMS and Social media. Don’t you just love receiving a text message from your loved ones? Many young writers have turned successful authors. They have taken up to writing to build a bridge to the heart of the people. Remember how Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet are re-written thousands of times, yet the original wins the loudest applause.

Anyone with good communication skills might think that I can be a great author. But that is not really the reality.

To be a good author, one needs to be original in the world of fakes.

If I talk and write the same old myths and beliefs and quotations, how am I helping myself to make a connection with the other world? If I am an author my words must be capable of making people believe in what I believe. My imagination should sink in deep into their thoughts and help the reader wander in their wonderland. My story line been a fiction should hold onto the grounds of happenings and reality. The quotes that I tag should be inspiring enough for the reader to think the way I do. There shouldn’t be a point where the reader might think ‘this is impossible’. The only way to prevent this mind blogging thought is not to exaggerate your story. Use words that a normal dictionary can describe.

Often I have heard people say this novel has very simple English. But what they lack to understand is the book is portraying the simplicity at its best. And also there are books where in people don’t understand a word of it; not even a bit of it. Still such books have been rewarded and applauded for the intensity of the story.

We have so many young authors publishing their fictions year after year. But if you study their novels you will know that they stand exactly from where they began. People today are afraid to experiment. Everyone wants to earn easy and fast money. But trust me giving time to yourself will take you miles ahead in your future. Everything should be enacted as per the desired age. We don’t marry before age, do we? We didn’t go to school while we were infants, did we? We never stood awoke until late night till the time we grew up, fell in love, took the stress of studies and work; If not then why now?

No doubt there are authors who have delivered great stories with crystal clear concepts and space for our own imaginations. But that doesn’t make every another author a great writer. There is a lot of difference between a writer and an author. An author will always publish her work but a writer will only ignite the similar minds with their perceptions and creativity. Be a writer first and second an author. Often people do vice verse, which doesn’t last long.

“Writer is a believer; Author an opinion leader.”

Team PepperScript