Pleasure Reading

I am sure we have all read a romance novel at least once in our life..but what happens when you decide to have a romance with a novel instead? Read below to find out!

Opening a new book with a soft sigh, letting your finger tips wander on the page as if caressing the letters underneath. Some words leave an imprint on your fingers but you just don’t care. Today, you are the book’s owner and own you do! You grab it’s cover with both hands, making sure you don’t press too hard. It’s a novel experience and you are being careful yet you can’t wait to unravel what’s underneath.

Finally, you read the first word and obviously, you can’t stop there now, can you?  So, you read the first sentence and suddenly you find your heart racing. It’s the perfect beginning and you have so much left to explore. You read the first paragraph and it seems as if it is reading your mind.

Your breath in now connected with each page. Some pages make you moan, some make you whisper  and some make you hum. But, you just can’t stop. Please don’t stop.

Each new chapter is a new part waiting to be unleashed. The coming chapters seem to be calling you to “eye” them. Waiting for you to comprehend and understand their hidden meanings. You ask for patience. You assure  it that it was published to be devoured by you and you alone. Hence,you want to take your time.  Even try different positions. Sometimes, you wish to lie with it completely. Sometimes, you just want to sit and stare at it. You wonder, how can something so brown and with so many lines, be so beautiful.

Oh, how can you forget about the way it smells. It has the fragrance of a virgin as if waiting for you to mingle it with your own. You are bewitched.

You find yourself right in the middle. Anything can happen now. You have a choice. Either to move forward or wait another day. It can make or break your relationship. So think very carefully. ” Should I? Or Should I not?” You decide to leave it to the circumstances.

You are finally reaching the end. You are so excited that you end up rubbing the soft tips of the pages again and again, even licking the tips of the pages with your fingers. You are just feeling so many emotions when suddenly a rapture engulfs you and just like that- it’s over. The book is over.

You don’t want to part with it yet, so you decide to go over the good parts again, wanting to experience those same emotions again but alas, their intensity has somewhat diminished.  No matter! You decide to read it again tomorrow. Try a different location this time. The bed just no longer works for you. So, you decide for the chair or maybe the balcony or if you are thinking adventurous then maybe even at a boring friends place.

Always behind closed doors of-course and with this one, always alone. Who knows about the future though. You could stumble upon something even better the next time you decide to go looking. Even share it with someone. Your best friend may even let you borrow their own favorite. That’s for time to tell. Until then,

you are in love.



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Do you want your book to be judged by your name?

Today, a published book is not just the text, it is also the backdrop in which it was written. The time period, the social and economic situation and many such factors. To not taking these factors into consideration prevents us, the readers, to completely understand the novel. One such factor is the name of the author. A name tells a lot of things about a person. Now, there are certain authors who do not want their books to be judged by their own names. Here, a pseudonym, also called a  “pen name” comes into their rescue.
Let’s dig deeper and try to understand the reasons why certain authors wouldn’t want their own names on their books.

1) To write cross genres: It becomes necessary for authors to use pen names to switch between genres. Imagine the surprise when people came to know that a new crime novel called “The Cuckoo’s Calling” was in fact written by the one and only J.K Rowling, She used a pseudonym of “Robert Galbraith” to publish her new crime novel -” The Cuckoo’s Calling”  not just because she wanted to be have a normal writer’s life for once ( which didn’t work, of course) but also because she didn’t want to confuse her readership. She felt it better to create a distinct following instead instead.

2)  Demand of AudienceStephen King gave life to “Richard Bachman” and wrote many books under this name because according to the  publishers  publishing more than one book by a single author would be unacceptable to the public at that time. Stephen King was himself willing because he wanted to test whether he was popular because of his talent or because of a stroke of luck. He alas, could never find out the reason as he was outed as “Bachman” too early to know. Well,  at least we know that it was his writing skills.

3) To prevent gender biasThe Bronte sisters- Emily and Charlotte Bronte used pen names “Ellis Bell” and “Currer Bell” respectively because during the Victorian era, women were not respected as authors and they  hardly had any readership. Now, even though women writers garner the same appreciation as men, certain genres are still considered male dominant. Nora Roberts chose to write under the name of “J.D Rodd “to write detective fiction even though when this was revealed, her fans accepted both the authors’ identities equally.It is also interesting to know that J.K Rowling had earlier published her famous harry potter series under the name of “Joanne Rowling” but was asked to change her pen name for the publisher felt young boys may not read the works written by a woman.

4) Establish credibility: Would you ever pick a suspense novel written by “Dick Roast”? Sometimes, it becomes necessary for writers to create pen name to establish credibility. Do you know who “Mark Sinclair” is? But you know who “Vin Diesel” is, right? They are both the same person!

5) Mask previous failures and controversiesWriters often use a pen-name to prevent the publishers to paint their works with the same brush as their earlier not-so -famous works, It gives a fresh new start to an authors and seldom authors need it, desperately. Some writers live a dual life and hence do not want to be associated with their books maybe because of the controversial subject matter or fear of judgement. Hence, they decide to hide under a false name more or less like a ostrich who puts her head into the sand with the hope that it’s prey doesn’t find her, but obviously, they do.