Calling for Submissions!

Dear Reader,

PepperScript is coming out with its first ever Anthology ‘Unmasked’ in the second half of 2015. Being a start up company we have faced a lot of hurdles and obstructions. However, we never gave up and we expect the same from our followers / readers.

Why the name Unmasked you may ask!

We chose Unmasked as the title because we are unveiling different facets of a human mind. We want to look at human nature from an objective, scientific, third person point of view; one that any competent observer could adopt in order to confirm or disconfirm his assertions.

We have prepared a character Ruby and your story must revolve around her. Be it any genre but the character and her traits remain the same.

To know more about the character and submission guidelines, visit

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P.S. The selected authors to be published in the Anthology will have to pay a submission fee of Rs. 2000/-


Brown Pages: Book of the Day!


Confessions of a Falling Woman – Debra Dean

A surprised Southern matriarch is confronted by her family at an intervention. A life-altering break-in triggers insomniac introspection in a desperate actor. Streetwise New York City neighbors let down their guard for a naive puppeteer and must suffer the consequences.

In this stunning collection of short stories five of which are being published for the very first time bestselling, award-winning author Debra Dean displays the depth and magnitude of her extraordinary literary talent. Replete with the seamless storytelling and captivating lyrical voice that made her debut novel, The Madonnas of Leningrad, a national bestseller, Dean’s Confessions of a Falling Woman is a haunting, satisfying, and unforgettable reading experience

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@ Brown Pages- Rs. 199

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